Bedbound and beyond – my journey with severe illness

My old blog doesn’t seem to want to update so I thought I would start afresh.  I will try and write an introduction asap but  for now will just jump straight in:

I am waiting for the results of my mitochondrial testing. In the meantime I have been making a lot of changes to my supplement regime. Another big change I’d like to make relates to diet.

I don’t have celiac disease but i react to gluten. I have gone gluten free for 3 months before and found that it helped. I then reintroduced gluten to see if I would havr a reaction. I did…but the lure of bread meant I carried on eating it. I also discovered reactions to gluten and more recently rice.

So my plans are a little drastic. I am going grain free. I will eventually go sugar free too including shipping eating my beloved nakd bars which are dried fruit and nuts.

The main reasons for these changes are gut reactions, allergy reactions and the impact on blood sugar. The diet dr myhill recommends is hypoallergenic and low GI. It incorporates all the little things I have found out about how my body reacts to food over time.

My diet will primarily be soya/tofu/tempeh, beans and legumes, vegetables (no potatoes, minimal root vegetables) berries, nuts and seeds (Inc possibly quinoa). I may also choose to start eating organic free range eggs although as I’m happily vegan, I am a little reluctant.

I intend to post my current supplement regime soon. I struggle to post here but want to try and record my journeys trying various health management methods.

I want to update at least weekly with the following

Something new I’m doing: trying to change diet
Something that’s going well: b12 sublingual spray
Something that needs work: sleep management and adrenaline management
Something I want to try: acupuncture


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