Stress and Avocados

This week has been quite difficult with a lot of stress leading to multiple very late nights.  I had 2 ‘big’ things to get anxious over – neither of which actually happened in the end!  Then, at the end of the week I had another 2 late nights due to seeing my partner.  Both foolish and bloody lovely at the same time!

This week I reached another small but significant milestone.  My lamp is connected to a dimmer plug. This is my only source of light.  There are 5 bar line measurements and each bar has 2-4 settings.  I started off only being able to tolerate number one (before that I could tolerate a crack in the curtain at best – my poor PAs/carers!). As of a few days ago I can tolerate number 4.  How awesome is that?

Something that’s not so awesome is my pain levels.  Since my very first late night this week, my pain levels in my chest and abdomen have been really bad, also reaching round to my back and arms.  It feels like ivr been without NSAIDs for a week and also have new pain/old pain returning. It feels a very specific type of pain.  It has redefined my pain scale again.  I’ve had problems getting my gp to help me with pain. He’s just not doing anything.  I need to chase him up as he said he’d visit weeks ago but didn’t.  The only reason I haven’t chased it up is because I’ve had so many appointments that I wasn’t sure where it would fit in.

I am still suffering with adrenaline surges but they seem a little better – at least during the day.

My mitochondrial profile results write up has been delayed so I will receive it some time after 07/04/15. I’m so nervous. What if it comes up normal or shows a much less severe level than I function at?  That’s another blog post.

Something new I’m doing: still trying to change diet slowly

Something that’s going well: Eating high fat, low carb foods.  Avocados and humous are great!

Something that needs work: getting to sleep at a reasonable time.

Something I want to try: acupuncture, going back on magnesium. Ive had trouble finding a form I tolerate.  The only one so far has included calcium which can stop it working so well for mitochondria.


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