Supplement changes

I’m  a little overwhelmed this week with a virus and care changes but thought I’d quickly update supplement changes.

Solgar Kelp (iodine)
Holland and barrett Vitamin C 2000mg – more this week due to virus
Holland and barrett triple strength Cranberry extract
Biocare Multivitamin
Dr myhill sensitive stomach mineral mix Inc b12 and vitamin d
Echiomega (vegan veg EPAstoma

Biocare magnesium EP 100mg and increasing (+60mg in mineral  mix)

Doctors best Coenzyme Q10 200mg
Niacinamide 1500mg
Shot o b12 spray 50000mcg

Zinc drops 30mg (not sure if will carry on after infection gone

I also sometimes use:

Cramp bark


I plan on increasing the magnesium and adding in a prebiotic.  I might change my epa to algae based or a mix of both. I’m not sure.  I will eventually add more mitochondrial supplements,



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