pre test result angst

I’ve been informed that my mitochondrial test results report will be written up tomorrow so I should receive the results within a few days I guess…eek!  Honestly,I’m quite nervous.  What I find the most nerve wracking is that the result is paired with the bells cfs scale meaning that they attempt  to predict your level of severity from the test result.  This makes me nervous.  I count as ‘very severely aMyected’ but I worry the results won’t reflect this. I think I could rationalise this myself but will my gp (who is going to receive the results too) do the same?  I just  hope that if the results don’t reflect the severity of my illness,that  Dr Myhill will add some sort of disclaimer to the results I.e that there are anomalies in results, that other factors could be contributing to illness etc.  There is also a chance the results will come back normal, though I’ve not heard am experience from anyone of that happening.

tMy hope for these test results is that I will be given a plan of what supplements to take. This information is available online but I’m hoping for something a little more tailored or at least  toave it in a less overwhelming format. Also, although the mitochondrial information is quite easy to find, information on things like when to take glutathione, NAC and other things are more confusing.  I’m  also hoping that this might lead to the opportunity for more testing. Dr Myhill currently offers only the mitochondrial profile test to new patients but I wanted to get my thyroid and adrenals too.  At the same time, I don’t want to end up overwhelmed by test results and medications to Take!

In general health news,I have had a nasty virus which just seems to disappear momentarily and then come back.  I’ve been trying to kick its ass with zinc drops, 5-6g vitamin c (I usually take 2g) and Echinacea. I keep forgetting to take my garlic, ginger, lemon, turmeric concoctIon.  Maybe I will remember tonight! Overtime I am less scared of relapse each time I get an infection, but genuinely I am pretty fed up of being in bed and have little patience for the viruses that keep hindering my recovery,

In terms of treatment and recovery:

Supplements : I have just this week increased the probiotic to twice a day.  Next week any changes will be whatever I have at home that myhill suggests and then I will add in anything else she recommends as and when it arrives. Anything in tablet form is always started on a Saturday as that’s when my meds are sorted. Problem is, there is no more room in my morning section of supplements box!

Medical: I need to get my pain under control. I also need to see a consultant.onc

Self management: I have at least worked out why sleep is a problem, but have no solution yet . Maybe this is another post.

OT: my OT was supposed to talk to her supervisor about me hoisted reclined but she has gone awol and not responded to my egone. I am displeased at the thought of having another right in my hands and at the same time wondering if I’m really well enough to be hoisted anyway. I do think sitting would be easier in a chair though as it’s more supportive. This is definitely a new blog post!

I will blog as soon as I can once I have my results and will try about other topics soon too,  rest time now!


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