Items that have helped me whilst bedbound

I have compiled a list of all of the items that have really helped me to extend my function and be more comfortable whilst bedbound. I am surprised by just how many there are. Although many were expensive there are some cheaper items too.
Disclaimer: I have purchased these items gradually over 2 years. The total must be quite high by this point but I choose to put my disability benefits in to such items. I also acknowledge that I am relatively privileged not to have to contribute my out of work or disability benefits towards my rent or care package which frees up my finances for such items. This might not be the cheapest place to buy each item so do shop around.  Now that has been explained, on to the items:

imageBack support. I can’t sit up very high in bed because I can’t support my muscles. This helps support me at the sides similarly to the way my wheelchair used to and means I can sit up higher and for longer.  Note :this option will only work if you have an adjustable bed or use it with a wedge.



Bedding to stop you overheating. I especially recommend the sheets
I use this mattress protector and the pillow protector for my head pillow


I love this pillow. I sink I too it enough that it supports the sides of my head including supporting the back when I am lying on my side.


Remote control sockets for standard items e.g fans, non dimmable lights.

Dimmable socket and remote for lamp. This has allowed me to gradually increase my light tolerance.


Remote control dimmable lightbulb with various colour options. This serves two functions.
1. It means I can gradually work on introducing more light.
2. It makes it impossible to turn the light on at the switch which means carers can’t turn it on without my permission!


Cushtie cushions. I use a lot of cushions and pillows. These ones are great for supporting my arms and I also use one on top of a standard pillow when lying on my side. They are a lot easier to lift than full size pillows.

I also use a firmer cheaper version of the above between my legs when lying on my side. Unfortunately I can’t find a link right now.


The best neck support cushion I have found and was invaluable when I could only lie flat and needed something to put my head at an angle I could see things at.

imageTeddy bears of your choice – I use these for supporting my arms along my chest when lying on my side.


Platypus water reservoire. This means I always have water and it only needs sorting twice a day. I keep it hanging from a disused iPad mount besides my bed.


Velcro iPad mount. I use the flexzi 2 with an extension and my my iPad mini. My normal iPad was too heavy so a flexzi 3 might be better for that. I have velcro attached to my phone, ipad, and kindle.


Safe sip drinks cover with straw hole. Fits most copies and mugs but I use the rice cups they sell as they are both practical and pretty

imageSnug ear defenders- The best ear defenders I have found as they are comfy, block background sound out well (but I can still here my carers), and I can use them for short periods lying on my side.

image.jpegOvernight catheter bag cover in a choice of fabrics – these are cotton but mine is custom made out of oil cloth (tablecloth fabric) to stop my cat’s claws getting in. This seller comes highly recommended by me.

image.jpegVelcro – when you use lots of remotes you don’t want to always be losing them – so use Velcro to stick them to your bedside cabinet.

image.jpegWeighted blanket. I bought an inbetweener blanket originally for tics and hyperactivity but found it helps calm my nervous system down too. The seller also told me others with ME, ‘S and similar have found this although they are best known for autism, ADHD and tourettes. They are not cheap but if you bought a commercial version it would be significantly more, and you wouldn’t get to customise it so much! Mine is a beautiful star embossed soft grey plush fabric on one side and purple with white stars on the other.

image.jpegTrabasack mini connect – a beanbag lap tray and bag in one with Velcro surface. I Velcro colouring books to the surface. Also available in a larger curved model



Noir glasses. I have grey glasses that fit over my normal glasses and only let in 4% of light. The company let me try a few styles and colours and sent ones that were not on their website. Brilliant for light sensitivity.

I may well update this as time goes on but also intend to do another similar blog about:
– technology
– items for personal care when bedbound.
– art, writing, and music supplies


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