More test results

Got my test results back from my private ecological medicine dr. As last time, I have a mixed reaction to this because the answers are never simple. I doubt they are for anyone but there never seems to be one result that stands out above all others and says “this is why you are as ill as you are”. Still, I do have a path forward which mostly involves antibiotics to try and improve my gut health. The other main thing picked up on is that my adrenal tests are screaming out that I am stressed, so I need to work on that and in turn sleep and anxiety so that my body has more chance to heal. There was also one result the dr has never seen before and couldn’t make sense of – so heres to being a mystery! There were also suggestions of other places to look for problems. My DHEA was sky high at one point inn the day. I wonder if it is to do with taking testosterone.

It can be pretty overwhelming having so many things to do but I am trying, and will continue to do so.


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