The plan of action

I am in a nasty crash following Christmas after eating things I shouldn’t have and using toomuch energy. I am hoping it dosn’t last long. I have a bunch of a adrenaline right now so have typed up a bit more about my results.

My big things to work on:

– Stress, sleep and adrenal health.
Benzos for sleep and anxiety, meditation.

– Gut health
This is the big one. I now have fermenting gut diagnosed with 5 strains of bacteria that should not be there. I will be doing things in hte following order:
– Pancreatic enzymes – biocare polyzyme forte. This is to help me process fat better.
– Kefir. I have low levels of lactobacilli so I will be trying to increase this with home grown kefir. I want to try and do this first so that I have as good gut health as I can manage
– Antibiotics – a 2 week dose followed by lower dose longer term. This is partly to kill the bad guys, but also because of allergy to fermenting microbes (gross eh?). I hope this doesn’t make me ill!
-Stick to my low carb ‘Stone Age’ diet. I am relieved that I don’t have to go on a fermenting gut diet (although a part of me always sees the heavier treatments as a sign they might help more so I would not have been against doing this at all)

– Toxic load
Dr Myhill wants me to reduce my (12) prescription medications. I’m inclined to agree it is a good idea, I just need to be super careful not to end up in a worse state due to lack of symptom control. Some of these medications I have been on quite a while though so I will try. IBS meds definitely at some point

– Mitochondria
I’m still not doing the full mitochondrial package. Attempts to include a few medications have lead to me feeling rough so I will have to try again soon. I am concentrating on my gut for now.

Recent things I have started:
– Magnesium injections
– tried b12 but stopped as was unwell and wasn’t sure if it was related.
– trialling piriton for sleep…but then I lost it. Have ordered some more although I will also have the benzos to try
– arm supports for wrist and arm pain
– CBD oil – it does help pain but I’m unsure how much.
– arnica gel for local pain. Definitely helps but sometimes causes tachycardia so I don’t use it a lot.


I are a lot of thoughts and feelings about all of this. Not all of them are positive….but I will save that for another blog.


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