2 new poems about illness

Fighting adrenaline

Dear body,
I do not know how to respond when you shout
I’m too worn down to respond in anger
It takes all I have not to cower and hide
But I am here and doing this with you
And whilst I may not give in to your long list of demands
I am trying to be that quiet voice that whispers:
“I am listening, I’m just scared”
Sincerely, you are not alone.

The second has no title yet.

Sometimes I hang one leg
out of my bed,
and feel the resistance
against my skin.
Foot planted on the ground,
leg pushing down lightly
– hardly a firm foundation
(but a foundation none the less).
My body remembers,
though it cannot yet engage fully.
Left overcome with loss,
I remain hopeful.
It remembers,
My body remembers.



I was also thinking that one day I might write a book about my life experiences and start each chapter with a poem.


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