Incessant Loud Noise – a poem 

​My PAs catch the train to work here 

It stops just down my road

And though the trains are loud 

For the tracks run so close to my window 

They are muffled;  

not only by my earplugs, but by my mind,

which has long distanced itself from their purpose;

Choosing to treat them more like the background 

hum of my fridge, or a dripping tap

Irritating-  but of no significance to my own day to day life. 

I’ve peeked outside my window as it gets darker 

(for this is all the light I can bare) 

And am always surprised to see people walking,  

boarding trains and crossing the footbridge.

Just as I forget they are there,  they do not know I exist either.  

Perhaps one day I will join them on the platform 

once again able to tune out of the lives inside these buildings,  

and relearn the true meaning of this incessant loud noise.

I can’t seem to get this to appear without double spacing,  so sorry about that. I’d be grateful for any other advice about how to format a poem such as this in general with things like punctuation and where each new line should start.  Thanks


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