2017 –  The Big Health Plan 

I use an app called wunderlist to organise my life.  After receiving my latest bit of advice from my functional medicine Dr I decided to create a list called ‘Health 2017’. This is a very long list with numerous sub tasks  and notes for different things.  I was going to copy and paste the list but it is ridiculous.  In some cases I’ve needed to subcategorise e.g the section about improving mental health includes lots of different measures.  In other cases the subtasks are far more simple e.g for cbd I have subtasks to tick off for trying different brands,  dosages and combinations.  I’ve tried not to make it too overwhelming, but this list is unlikely to have the satisfying feeling of being able to regularly tick off entire categories.  It will very much be a work in progress and some may well carry over in to 2018. One area which I think will help is that I have tried to add in some baby steps such as trying one pill,  two pills etc with the option to tick this off.  This will also give me the oopportunity for me to take notes and keep records so that if I need to look back on it,  I know exactly what reaction I experienced  

I also have a nice new book with the intention of using it for recording each day things such as pain and symptoms scales,  sleep,  whether I tried a new supplement,  what my activity and rest was like.  I do hope I can keep up with it.  The book has badgers on the front and that’s always a motivation right? 

I said in a previous blog that I was finding it hard that my Dr had onlu suggested one thing.  I realised after that she had suggested many other ‘smaller’  things in edition to all the other things I’m already working on.  Rather than writing out my entire year plan or even just her most recent editions I thought I’d just make a note of the first few priorities on my health to do /records list with a little information about what it is they are for.  

Recover from viruses – pretty self explanatory.  I’m catching everything going around and my PAs are bringing everything in.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus 

This is a probiotic strain that can help with allergy. I’m currently on about 250ml a day and need to get up to 480-720ml. I may reduce my kefir.  


I already use cbd to help control pain and spasticity.  I’ve yet to hit on the right combination but the hope is that I will find something that helps me reduce my painkillers.  I am investing quite a lot in to this financially currently but will cut back it I don’t get the results I’m after. I am currently using cbd brothers with a combination 9f their cannabis indica and cannabis sativa capsules.  I will be trying the cannabis indica as a paste soon.  Previously I tried their white edition drops but got through the bottle very fast.  I’ve asked them a question about the difference between the paste and drops bar the format and the cbd percentage in the mixture.  I’ve not received a response yet.  

Homeopathic EPD mix 

I’m almost embarrassed to write the word ‘homeopathic’ but I’m willing to try anything that might help right now.  In an ideal world I would have EPD injections to try and help my multiple chemical sensitivity and low level allergies.  Sadly this is not an option as I cannot travel.  So on recommendation of someone else I will be trying this once I am over the viruses.  It contains a large combination of allergens Inc food additives,  mixed moulds and pollens.  The idea is to gradually desensitise the body to those allergens.  I don’t know how it compares to the injections aside from the name but I am going to try it.  I’ve been advised not to think of it as ‘just homeopathy’  and still take things slow so the plan is to dissolve the first pillule in a little water and try it on my skin.  In the interest of feeling like I’m achieving something,  this point on the wunderlist contains a subtask for every pillule added to the dose,  so I can tick them off and feel I’m achieving something.  If this doesn’t work out then Dr myhill’s food allergy drops are a back up plan with the plan of reducing allergic load – though they are food only where as this includes other things.  

Taper off clonazepam 

I know this is going to be super hard as I’ve already started.  I’m down from 1mg to 0.6mg already.  Last time I reduce to 0.59mg I had severe withdrawal so I’m a bit scared but hopefully going slow and picking the right time for my health will make it easier/possible.  My plan is to reduce 5% every  4-7 days  so this could take a while.  It needs to be done because I think it has negatively affected my sleep and general health.  One of the difficult things will be balancing coming off this with trying other supplements.  It may not always be possible to tell what is a side affect to a supplement and what’s withdrawal from clonazepam.  I will have to listen very carefully to my body and mental health on this one.  

Other big priorities for the year include 

working on sitting tolerance including altering times I do things.  

At the moment I sit up reclined during mealtimes.  This is not an ideal use of my sitting up energy.  The trouble is finding a suitable alternative time,  and working out a position for eating in! Honestly my biggest fear is that I’ll stop sitting up for food and not find another time to do so.  Additionally recently I’ve been more limited than usual  in terms of how high I can sit up and for how long. I have the armchair I need (symmetrikit – though some modifications might be helpfu!l)  and the hoist sling i need.  I just need to get to the point where my body is complying. 


working on PA management and how I can make that take less energy 

Having had a part time PA resign is a blessing in disguise.  I am sad to see them go but also less evenings with 2 people may well save me energy. Another big thing to work on is the amount of energy I spend on verbal and text based communication. 

working on how I manage stress physically,  mentally and with supplement support (ashwaghanda) 

sleep,  rest and pacing 

– trying to come off some prescription medications I have been on years.  The first I’d like to try is my bladder med.  


You may remember from a previous blog that I have been advised to try the ketogenic diet again.  I am giving this some serious thought but my conclusion right now is that I’m not able to take that leap right now, though  I may in the future.  My plan instead is to try and increase my fat content and lower my carbs as much as possible as well as eating in line with what my body says it needs.  Unfortunately I have a lot of body image issues,  especially surrounding my weight and so this is a cause of anxiety for me.  However I do think I need to take that risk (that I may put on weight)  and see how my health goes.  I have already reduced my evening protein by cutting out the meat and am trying smoothies most nights.  The trick now is to get fat in without going over the calories my body needs and still getting enough carbs not to go in to ketosis.  I’m not well enough to count macros so will just have to be gentle with it and go easy on my brain about it all.  

Then a million other possibilities and things to look in to! 


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