I’m in my late twenties and male/genderqueer living in the UK. I am bedbound (unable to sit up fully, stand, or use a wheelchair at this point I.e I never leave bed) with very severe ME/CFS.  This blog is about my experiences aiming for partial recovery using a treatment protocol, as well as my experiences navigating social services, benefits and life under the Tory government cuts and ideological attack on disabled people.  I am also neurodiverse fitting somewhere on the autism spectrum although I don’t know where.  I also have some mental health difficulties without a specific diagnosis.  I am a mostly non active musician and this blog will touch a bit upon the loss of that part of my identity, as well as my attempts to regain some of it through other means. Sometimes I will post regularly, and other times there will be long gaps.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Elis Elmo,
    I like your Poems and how you read them. Your expression and honesty.
    Unfortunately I am from Germany and my English is not good enough to understand everything.
    I shared your Poems Foundations and Deception on my Facebook side.
    I have M.E. too. Or perhaps just CFS. I am sick for 20 Years, but not bedbound completley.
    Keep writing! Jeanne


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