So long 2016  –  a year in review (well the treatment protocol bits!) 

This year has felt utterly stagnant in terms of any progress with my health and treatments so I decided to type up all the things is tried or continue to try.  I was quite surprised by the results.  I may not have had one supplement help my overall condition in a bit way,  and I may have had a few make me worse….bur things have definitely not been stagnant! 

Treatments tried which I did not continue due to reactions: 

– ketogenic diet (may try again) 

-ciproxin for fermenting gut. 

-uva ursi herb for fermenting gut (may try again) 

Treatments tried which didn’t work but will take time to come off:

– clonazepam  (addictive sleeping medication) 
Supplements I added in and continue to take:

– pancreatic enzymes (digestion) 

-home grown kefir (gut health) 

– home grown Lactobacillus rhamnosus (gut health) 

– D mannose (bladder problems and low level infection) 

– ashwagandha (adrenal support –  adaptogen) 

– elderberry (immune support) 

– devil’s claw (pain) 

– increased cbd (pain,  anxiety,  sleep) 

– increased melatonin (sleep) 

– lemon balm and Valerian,  Chamomile and hops  (sleep) .  

Prescription medications I managed to reduce:

– Buscopan from 6 tablets daily to 0 except occasionally (IBS) 

– clonazepam from 1mg to 0.6mg –  a work in progress (Sleep) 

– stopped cranberry and swapped for d mannose (bladder support) 

Mental health:

– tried 4 weeks of online therapy via talkspace.  I didn’t really get on with my therapist and found the format didn’t work for me. I’d like to try an email format some time in the future.  

– meditation.  Mostly mindfulness but found yoga nidra towards the end of the year. 

PA stuff :

– switched from 4 PA visits a day to live in.  Later added in a second PA visiting each day.  Ending the year with a system in place though at the time of writing I have found out I will need to make some changes.  
Goodbye 2016,  you will not be missed! However perhaps I need to stop thinking of you as being a non year,  since I have still done things!